I remember vividly the first time I attempted to bake all by myself. I must have been eleven or twelve and I thought I would treat my father and brother to some sweet chocolate chip cookies. Yeah… The chill of the fall was setting in on our small Nova Scotian town and what could be better than freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to warm the twelve-year-old soul?

I had made these particular cookies countless times with my Aunt Ray and cousin Melissa. We would put on some tuques (no hair in those cookies) crank some tunes (most likely the Footloose album) and go to work measuring and stirring and … waiting.  So when it came time to debut my cooking skills my confidence was at an all time high.

I threw on my tuque and got busy in the kitchen with my father checking in frequently. I remember the dough not tasting quite right but firing them into the oven anyway.

The smell of these cookies made all of our mouths water. Just thinking about the gooey chocolate melting on our tongues made the time pass incredibly slow. As soon as they were cool enough to eat we were all in the kitchen and ready to devour.

The first bite.. not quite that rich, molten, gooey explosion I was expecting. No, these cookies had something special – they were biting and caused instant puckery of the cheeks and lips. A reaction that could only happen when 1 tsp of salt was read as stating 1 cup of salt. My father still recalls that “Not even the seagulls would eat those cookies” (which, in my town, was quite the insult to the chef).

Somehow my life has carried me from that experience to one where friends and family often ask for my recipes! So, to demonstrate that the need for survival paired with a passion for tasty food leads (may lead) to some a-ok skills in the kitchen and to share my journey with you, I have created this blog.

Please enjoy!


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